SIMPLIFY YOUR REMOVAL. Is your biggest challenge first call removals? Do you have to deal with bariatric deceased, small hallways and doors, or stairwells? The Med Sled First Calls helps you and your staff with the most challenging of first calls removals.

Overall Standard Sled Size:
36" X 87"

[image] Med Sled: First Call

Overall Bariatric Sled Size:
48" X 87"

[image] Med Sled: First Call

Key Benefits

  • Better than a Backboard
  • Stairwell braking system reduces your risk of back injury
  • Secures limp weight
  • Ideal for tight spaces and multi-story homes
  • Standard and Bariactric versions
  • Decon Capable
  • Cot Compatible
  • Holds up to 1,000 lbs.
  • Cost effective

Med Sled In Action

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Toll-Free: (866) 207-5993

Standard: $420
Bariatric: $450

**Please call for International orders

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